Buc-ee’s in Luling, Texas is fast becoming the Wall Drug of the 3.5-hour stretch of Interstate 10 between Houston and San Antonio.

They’ve got a couple dozen billboards along the highway, including one that says, “Eat here, get gas,” and my husband’s favorite, “Ice. Made from scratch.”

Since we drive the route often to go see my favorite oncologist, it’s become a tradition for us to stop in just to see if the restrooms are as clean as they claim. (To quote another billboard: “Clean restrooms or your money back.”)

What they really need on their Website is a Flickr feed for photos of their billboards …

Tonight I succumbed to two fridge magnet versions of the billboards at the checkout. One says:

“Ice. Beer. Jerky.
All 3 Food Groups!
46 miles”

True story.

4 thoughts on “Buc-ee’s

  1. I have seen this chain grow from two stores in Brazora, Texas, to the chain of stores they are now. They are run with professionalism, which is a vast improvement from some of the chain C-Stores in Texas. I have never shopped at one of their many stores that I am not greeted by one of the employees and treated so well.

    One prime example is the store in Alvin, Texas, I have never gone in there that I am greeted by my name and sometimes it is weeks before I stop for gas or coffee. Remebering a persons name is very important in retail and way to many C-store operations take their custmers for granted.

    Keep doing what you do taking care of the customer.

  2. Is that pronounced “Buck-eez”? I could not help but notice the little varmint on the sign…
    PS. Nice picture of the Berk, there.

  3. Okay!! I love Buc-ees — gave my whole family T-shirts for Christmas which, perversely, was their favorite gift. Sorry to just be finding your Blog, Charlotte-Anne. Great stuff, I’ve sent your twitter tips to several friends new to th’medium.

    Wasn’t asked for sign-in info, because I use WordPress also? We’re friends on Twitter (@ewkrause) and would love to have you drop by my blog: http://ewkrausecom.com/theportal.

    Get in touch next time you’re in Houston, or . . . we could meet halfway @buc-ees!!

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