One of my friends named Kim

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Thanks to Facebook and LinkedIn, I’ve been stumbling across a bunch of not-so-old friends, people I haven’t seen in many, many moons.

Many of them have gone on to do wonderful things while I was in another time zone, doing something else.

That’s the case with my friend Kim Carney, who I worked with at the late, great, Dallas Times Herald way back in the 1980s.
Kim’s an illustrator, photographer and designer up there in that Redmond, Washington place, working with MSNBC.

She has a lovely blog here, which has great links to a lot of neato stuff, including this illustration that just reached out and said “blog me.”
And so I did.

One thought on “One of my friends named Kim

  1. Thanks for that! Would we have ever dreamed of these wonderful, time-saving, connecting applications while cutting amberlith for the weather page at DTH so many, many years ago! Although, I hate to admit to the kids I work with here that DTH was one of the first newspapers to have macs … while we all sat around trying to figure out how we would ever use that silly machine … a month or so later, learning Adobe Illustrator for the first time, then learning to “cut mugs” in photoshop, then building pages in Quark … and when I mention these things … they look at me like I am a dinosaur (ok, I am closing in on that description). Now, flash forward to the future of flash, css, pounce, twitter, flickr, blogs … kids coming out of school knowing all of these wonderful things … not having to learn them on–the-job 😉
    We’ve come a long way … what a fun journey. 😉

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