Inspired by design

We’ve chosen core components of the NOWCastSA home page, and it’s fair to say we’ve been inspired by the way some other folks have designed their sites.

Here’s what we like and why.

Because video is an important element of the site, we’d like to be able to feature it prominently. Perhaps it might look something like UMass Amherst’s student-run television station site:

Another site with a nice video slider is LinkTV. Here’s how they do it:

The heart of our site is neighborhood stories, news and information, and we think the best way to indicate that is with a map that shows stories by location.
We like the way uses to display stories on a map:

Another nice approach is the way Juump has information laid out, including tabs that let you choose people, places, groups or events:

Underneath the map, we want to feature a “river of news” that shows stories of all types – a waterfall of information. does that well:

We want everyone who comes to the web site to get the message that we’d like them to help us build this community. We need a toolbox to show people where to find help, and something very inviting, such as these buttons on the NowPublic site.

In a right sidebar, we’d like to show the community conversation in a FriendFeed or Echo stream of Twitters and comments. Over at PBS, they do that in a very simple way.

For many people, the calendar of events is the heart of the matter, answering the basic question, What’s happening, where?. Over at Fast Company, there’s a nice graphical interface, although it doesn’t work as nicely as it could: