9/11 again

Lights from Ground Zero

Lights from Ground Zero

Thanks to my dear friend, colleague and adopted sister, Holly Hegeman, who saved and republished on her blog today the words I wrote when I was an editor at TheStreet.com to describe that awful September morning:

At 8:26 a.m. I sent an Instant Message to our market columnist, Bill Meehan, asking if he’d be sending me his column at midday. His reply was a simple, “yup.” A few minutes later, television started carrying live images of the inferno coming out of the top of one of the World Trade Center towers. Then another columnist for the site pinged me with a frantic question: “Isn’t that the building Meehan is in?”

I looked at the television again, then pulled up Meehan’s Instant Message window to ping him and see if he was OK. But I was too late. The IM window said it all: Wmeehan100 signed off at 8:49:35 AM.

There I was in my office in San Antonio, Texas, watching television images of a tower burning half a country away. And yet the message on my computer screen made it personal. Horrifying. And close enough to touch.

Here’s to Holly, to Tony Dwyer, Chris Edmonds, John Raess, Herb Greenberg, Adam Feuerstein, Jim Seymour, Gretchen Lembach, Todd Harrison and the others who shared that day on AIM, and who rose to write about it on TheStreet.com.

It seems like yesterday.